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Some tips when you choose vietnam vacations

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The Best Time For Vietnam Vacations

Weather plays a very important role in arranging an amazing holiday and everyone has to think before booking Vietnam vacations. Here is some tips for your amazing Vietnam vacation.Vietnam stretches over 1650 kms along the eastern coast of the Indochinese Peninsula (from 8 Degrees 34' N to 23 Degrees 22' N) with a wide range of latitudes and altitudes, so Vietnam has a remarkably diverse climate. Thanks to different climate in different areas, there are always places for your vacations in Vietnam.

Cuc Phuong Forest

 The North Vietnam: The cold season is sometimes wet and chilly between November and April when temperature is around 60 Degrees F / 16 Degrees C. In the hot period, between May and July, the average temperature is about 86 Degrees F/ 33 Degrees C. It is also rainy season. However, it often rain for half an hour or one hour in the afternoon and stop raining and everything come to normal. In the cool period of the year between 22 Degrees C - 28 Degrees C is August and October. It could be said that from the end of August to May is the best time for Vietnam vacations.The Central Vietnam: The hot season is about 34 Degrees C to 36 Degrees C. Its rainy season falls in between September and December. Especially, the central is sometimes hit by typhoon with strong wind and heavy rain. June and July is very hot for your Vietnam vacations.The South Vietnam: The temperature in the south is constant all year, ranging from 77-86 Degrees F/25-33 Degrees C. The dry season is from November to April and the wet period from May to September. There is no neither ideal nor bad time for Vietnam vacations in the south. It is very good for most of time.

Vietnam Golf Holidays(Vacations)

Ho Chi Minh City, as it was re-named after 1973, is in the South of the country. Everyone who lives there still call it Sai. The French called it the pearl of the orient in their Indo China colonial days and they laid out the city to have wide boulevards and a cafe society feel. Nevertheless the skyline of the city is changing as the prosperity of Vietnam attracts more investment and industry.The name Saigon still conjures up many feelings for Americans, many of them distant memories and these too will fade with time. As part of the new found prosperity Vietnam has laid out a number of golf courses, and because of the fertile land and abundant rain these are lush and bordered by luxuriant growth. Vietnam Golf Tours has set up a number of itineraries to attract the curious and adventurous tourist combined with his favorite sport. You too could come and experience one of these Vietnam Golf Vacations.

Ho Chi Minh City

The most economical and naturally the shortest in duration is a 2 night 3 day tour which will accommodate you at a 5 star luxury hotel where you will have breakfast included in your accommodation. Transfers to and from the Airport and the golf courses are by chauffeur driven car and are likewise included. All course fees as well as a buggy are included in your packageThe rounds of golf are at the fabulous Song Be Golf Resort, which allows a choice of 2 out of 3 courses to play. It is set amidst stunning scenery and makes for an interesting day out. Song Be is some 50 minutes from the hotel. The other Course is the Vietnam Golf and Country Club which is a 36 hole course set amongst 300 hectares of rolling countryside just 20 km (15M) from Saigon City. The East course was laid out by Lee Trevino. Both days out will be memorable.For any non-golfing members of the player's entourage, local sightseeing and shopping excursions can be arranged at very reasonable rates at the time of booking. Check with Vietnam Golf tours to arrange this.It must be noted that Visas to visit Vietnam are not included in the tour price. Contact Vietnam Golf tours when arranging the trip to get guidance on Visa Applications.

Outdoor Adventures For Vietnam Holidays

When visiting the country of Vietnam, you are sure to find activities to suit nearly any whim that you might have. If you have a large number of days to spend your Vietnam Holidays here, then you can do a little bit of everything. History and culture abound here, from ancient roots to modern arts. The rustic countryside provides a perfect escape from city life, and there are natural wonders galore which you can explore and enjoy. Given it's ocean side location, there are also lush white-sand beaches on which to relax and enjoy the best of Southeast Asia's tropical vacations.

Some festivals in Vietnam 

You should know best Beachs Vacation in Vietnam

Vietnam has very long coast line - around 3,444 km from the north to the south. There are many beautiful beaches along the coast line of Vietnam which can be the best place for your vacation.There are some famous beaches which you should not miss when travel to Vietnam:

Best beachs in Vietnam

1. Nha Trang.

Nha Trang is located in south center coast line, Khanh Hoa Province and famous for its pristine beaches, excellent scuba diving. A beautiful beaches with fine and clean sand, clear ocean water with mild temperatures makes Nha Trang become the famous destination every time in year. It is very easy to get into Nha Trang by flight, train or car from Hanoi, Da Nang or Ho Chi Minh.

Come to Nha Trang, you should stay in resorts which have private beach and a little far the city center. There are some famous beach resorts for tourist: Mia Resort Nha Trang, Diamond Bay, Ana Mandara, Vinpearl...

2. Mui Ne.

Mui Ne is located in Southern Vietnam coastline and popular with tropical beach; strong sea breezes suite with tourist who love kite surfing and windsurfing. The weather in Mui Ne likes in Nha Trang, mild temperatures so it is suite for beach vacation most time of year.You can travel to Mui Ne by car (04 hours drive from Ho Chi Minh), by train from Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh.Some famous resort in Mui Ne: Phu Hai Resort, Unique Mui Ne, Sea Link Resort, Mui Ne Bay...Combine with beach vacation; you also can discover Mui Ne Sand Dunes, Temples, and Fairy Stream...

3. Phu Quoc.

Phu Quoc is an ideal tourist destination for nature and sea lovers, also is an ideal heaven for relaxing, snorkeling and scuba diving. Located in Phu Quoc Island - biggest Island in Vetnam, Kien Giang Province, Phu Quoc Beach has much white sands, calm seas and warm waters.Best time travel to Phu Quoc is dry season from Oct - March when the sky is always sunny, clear and blue.

It is also very easy to travel to Phu Quoc, you can flight direct from Hanoi/ Ho Chi Minh/ Can Tho or take the speedboat from Rach Gia.Some famous resort in Phu Quoc for your vacation: Long Beach, La Veranda Resort, Saigon Phu Quoc, Thanh Kieu Beach...There are 3 most beautiful beaches which I think that you should not miss when deciding to have a beach vacation. Besides those beaches, there are many other favorite beaches along Vietnam like: My Khe (China Beach - Da Nang), Non Nuoc (Da Nang), Cua Dai (Hoi An), Lang Co (Hue), Nhat Le (Quang Binh)...  

Spending a Very Affordable Vacation in Vietnam

Vietnam is an exotic country that represents everything a vacationer could ever ask for during his or her holiday -breath taking sights, a peaceful yet beautiful countryside, and a variety of major cities with plenty of commercial establishments and attractions for visitors to enjoy.What makes paying a visit to this tourist destination even more worthwhile is the strong spending power enjoyed by most foreigners when they buy dong using their local currencies.As of today, one U.S. dollar is worth close to 21,000 Vietnam Dong notes,which basically means vacationists get to afford themselves a luxurious holiday without having to worry about over spending.

Visitors of this gem in Southeast Asia will have plenty of things to do to keep happily preoccupied during their vacations, amongst which includes embarking on a cruise along Halong Bay. These cruises within within the northern regions of the country offer panoramic views of beautiful islands plus other natural land formations as the luxury boat makes its way through its chartered course.Commercial services include all necessities a passenger will ever need throughout the days spent at sea. While availing such an extravagant package within the U.S. would literally cost thousands, passengers on lavish Vietnam cruises should only expect to pay a hundred dollars at average.Those looking to unwind at peaceful beaches, and experience a laid back vacation infused with a quaint, old town atmosphere are advised to head on over to Hoi An. In addition to this place being a UNESCO World Heritage Site, numerous trendy tailor shops are conveniently located throughout the area.These establishments offer tailor-made clothing at extremely affordable prices. A custom suit specially tailored to a customer's measurements can be bought for as low as 500,000 Vietnam Dong notes, which is less than $25.Another great attraction that a vacationer would be foolish to miss out on would be experiencing the mouth-watering goodness of local culinary cooking. Foreigners from all parts of the globe have given positive feedback on the unique yet delicious tasting meals available at mediocre to premier restaurants.

What's even better is the fact that entrée prices at basic diners go as high as 62,000 Vietnam Dong - which is less than $3 - thereby allowing customers to enjoy fine dining meals at affordable prices.To get the most out of every dollar exchanged, tourists are advised to buy dong at reputable money changers in their home countries, at the banks of Vietnam, or through online wholesalers.                        

i want share to you some tips before you choose vietnam vacations packages. Hope it is useful for you. Or you can find more informations at http://www.uniotravel.com. 


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